Why LilyPad

We know you have options for your childcare management app, so why is LiyPad worth checking out?

At LilyPad, we believe managing a childcare center should be a joy. That's why our all-in-one childcare management software is designed with your needs in mind, combining simplicity with powerful functionality to transform your center's operations.

From streamlining administrative tasks to fostering more robust connections with families, LilyPad offers a suite of features that save time, reduce stress, and enhance communication. Our user-friendly platform simplifies billing, scheduling, and daily communications, freeing you to focus on what matters most.

Why people love LilyPad

Real help from real people

If you experience an issue, there is a real person ready to listen and help you resolve it quickly. We make sure you are empowered to run your facility.

No hassle finances

Tired of printing invoices, running cards, or cashing checks? We make billing simple and painless, ensuring everyone knows what is due and when.

No more paperwork

We put all your documentation online, so you don't have to shuffle daily sheets and compliance data across your desk daily.

As mothers, business owners, and childcare providers, we have been where you are now. That's why we created this product to make your life easier. This software empowers everyone in your center to communicate well, manage finances, and document what is happening quickly and efficiently so they can focus on the kids, not the paperwork.

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