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We are incredibly proud of our app's features, but we know that words on a webpage can't show you how it will work for your childcare center or daycare. Schedule a demo today if you are ready to see these features in action!

Desktop version on laptop optimized

Child time tracking

Parents and staff can log children in by quickly clocking them in or out on a tablet, phone, or desktop computer. This means you always have your time handy.

Photo uploads

Easily share photos between parents and providers. This allows you to provide your parents with more value, security, and joy.

Parent communication

Provide parents with a way to communicate quickly and securely with the people caring for their children.

Online daily sheets

LilyPad makes it easy to create and edit daily sheets stored on our servers, where you can access them anytime.

Provider calendar

Parents can sign in and review their calendars anytime through the parent portal accessible with each parent's login. That means everyone is prepared for the fun activities you plan!

Billing & invoice system

Keep track of invoices and payments owed to you. We also offer credit card processing so that you can make payments with a button.

Parent portal

Parents gain access to a secure area to view invoices, balance due, ways to pay, daily sheets, and standard documents, and they have the ability to upload docs to you, the provider.

Provider portal

Online daily sheets, child sign-in, and reporting add and manage your staff and parent accounts, invoicing, docs section, calendar, child notes section, and docs for parents.

Add-On Options

A cloud-based time clock that is comprehensive, accurate, and affordable. Employees clock in and out with a computer, mobile device, or biometric reader.

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