Features & Prices

Full Featured

  • Set-up Fee
    $50.00 + $1.00 per child
  • Monthly Fee
    $35.00 + $1.00 per child
Lilypad comes with the following features:
  • Child Time Tracking - Parents can log children in by clocking them in or out on a tablet or phone. This way you always have your times for DHS!
  • Parent Communication - Provide parents with a complete online portal that allows them to make payments, check balances, access daily sheets, and more!
  • Online Daily Sheets - Lilypad makes it easy to create and edit daily sheets, which are stored on our servers where you can access them at any time.
  • Billing/Invoice System - Keep track of invoices and payments owed to you. We also offer Credit Card processing for weekly child rates.
  • Document & Photo Uploads - Easily share files between parents and provider. Our service starts with 2 GB of storage for files you want to share.
  • Provider Calendar - Parents can sign in and review your calendar at any time.
  • Parent Portal - Parents also gain access to a secure area that makes it easy to view invoices, balance due, ways to pay, filled daily sheets, standard documents, ability to upload docs to the provider (i.e. shot records).
  • Provider Portal - Online daily sheets, child sign-in and reporting, add and manage your staff and parent accounts, invoicing, docs section, calendar, child notes section, docs for parents and docs for DHS section.