About Us

Before my husband and I purchased Easy Time Clock in January, 2016, I worked in childcare, and I made many friends who have gone on to found their own in-home day cares – our son attended one until Pre-K!

I’ve been hearing the horror stories of organizational chaos from these friends; some owners I know use as many as five different applications to help keep their businesses running smoothly, and as the owners of a tech company, this pulled on our heartstrings.

Additionally, as a mom, there is so much information I wish my provider had the time and resources to provide me while our son is in their care.

Meet Lilypad!

Chuck, my computer-wiz husband, and I have created Lilypad as an all-in-one product that any in-home care provider or center director needs to run her business while providing live updates to parents. I’ve dreamed of this product for years, and we’re excited to share this product with you. We are continually making updates to meet our providers' needs. Welcome to the family!

- Alisha Gardner, Owner, Easy Time Clock, Inc.