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Lilypad Video Tutorial

Are you interested in seeing what LilyPad is all about? Ask us for a free demo! We will show you all the great features of LilyPad and how to use the system successfully! We also have a Quick Demo video that you can view anytime. 

The great thing about LilyPad is we have features that allow you to track time, communicate with parents, and manage billing. Lilypad makes keeping track of your daycare details easier than ever before. 

You will be able to keep parents up to date with their kids activities and temperament throughout the day with our daily sheets, you can even send photos! You can upload important documents pertaining to the child such as medical and dietary requirements, DHS forms, and shot records. Keep parents in the know with a built in calendar. You can post daily lunch, snack menus, and events. 

Do you want a simplified view of the children so they can be checked in and out on the fly? Kiosk Mode has you covered with sign in information at your fingertips. Not only does LilyPad allow you to keep parents informed of the day to day activities of their children while in your care, but through our partnership with Omega Technology, we are now able to offer credit card processing directly through our website, making managing invoices and payments easier than ever before. 

So, why choose LilyPad? LilyPad is created by and managed by parents. We have built and continue to build our software in a way that makes sense. Teaming up with daycare providers and utilizing real world feedback to help guide the growth of the product. Ease of use and common sense utility are the primary focus in the design of Lilypad.

Our clients needs are what is most important. If we currently do not have what you are looking for, we are happy to take your feedback and look into developing the functionality you need for your business.

Backed by Easy Time Clocks’ phenomenal customer support, you can take comfort in knowing you are never alone if you are in need of assistance. 

So, what are you waiting for? Start your free trial now! No strings attached so you have nothing to lose.

 If you are looking to streamline your daycare needs, Lilypad has you covered. We look forward to being your new favorite daycare tool! 

Don't hesitate to call LilyPad Support at 405-314-2436 if you need assistance!