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Online Daily Sheets

Go digital with our online daily sheets!

Daily Sheets is a very important section as it allows for communication with parents pertaining to the care and activity of their children. 

You can click on the Leaf Icon on the calendar to see the daily sheets for all children who were signed in that day. 

Here, you can select to view, download, or email daily activity for individual children or all children. 

The Start/End Group Rest button is used to record rest time for all children at once. You can download and email the daily sheet for any child by placing a checkmark in the box next to the child's name, then either clicking the download selected or email selected button. You can also download or email all at once by clicking the download all or email all button 

Clicking the child’s name allows you to sign a child in, you will the child’s activity for that given day; Time and Attendance, Meals eaten, Toilet time, Rest time, and any learning activities performed that day or any items the child may have needed or may need in the future. 

The Notes and Instructions section of this page is used for more specific information. You can notate the child's behavior for the day and request any items the parent may need to bring the next time they sign in. The Add a Note section can be used for any further specific information and instruction that you wish to have communicated to the parent. 

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