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Provider Admin Tab - Setup

Let’s take a look at the Provider Admin Tab. The Provider Setup Page allows you to upload a logo to represent your business and a background for your calendar. The most important part of this page is the Parent Billing Setting section at the bottom. In this section, you can set recurring billing amounts for children of different ages, set the number of days until invoices are due, and set default billing frequencies for automatic invoicing. Looking at this section, you will notice Use Omega Credit Card Processing. Through Omega, you can pay invoices online. Once you have created an Omega account, you can paste your Omega key in the field provided. Then click Update Settings to save your entry. Once this is done, you can process payments through LilyPad. 

Like the Parent Billing Setting section on the Provider Setup Page, The Parent Billing Setup Tab allows you to set Default Recurring Billing Amounts, Billing Frequency, and you can enter in your Omega Key to use Omega Credit Card Processing. Unlike the Parent Billing Setting section on the Provider Set up Page, this tab allows you to set your Drop In Rate. 

Check out our provider guide: 

Provider Admin Tab - Provider Setup 

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