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Every Parent Needs to Read This

Are you a parent? You need to read this. 

Over 40,000 babies every year are born with congenital heart defects. The health of children in our community is always a top priority for us at MyLilyPad and Easy Time Clock. We work with Vizavance often to support vision screenings for children all over Oklahoma. We participate in multiple health fairs to support companies who are offering their healthcare services to families in need. 

This year, Piedmont Public Schools is working with Athletic Testing Solutions (ATS) HeartCheck to provide heart screenings for people ages of 8 to 25. On Saturday, December 15th, you can go to Piedmont Elementary to get your screening done. There is a fee for this particular screening, however, your family may qualify for discounts. 

Pre-registration is required, so be sure to sign up BEFORE the 15th. 

Go to this link to learn about services offered:

At this link, you will find the application for discounted services:

Watch a video on YouTube about ATS saving lives: