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Classroom Jobs for Your Students

Student Involvement  

Involving students in the daily classroom processes is so important! It gives the students a sense of making decisions and contributing so they feel more empowered and more likely to do what is asked of them.  

Reasons why you should up your student involvement:  

  • Gives the students a sense of independence but in a controlled environment so things still run smoothly.  

  • Students will look forward to their turn so they will eagerly follow rules to get the chance to contribute.  

  • Teaches children responsibility.  

  • Gives students a feeling of accomplishment and productivity.  

  • Makes the day go smoother and builds routine.  

Ways to involve students:  

  • Give each student a special job like “door keeper” or “lunch line leader.” As an example, a door keeper is the one who opens the door when someone knocks.  


Typically, the student jobs change weekly to give each student a chance to do multiple jobs throughout the year.  

Some examples:  

Desk director: They make sure all desks are straight at the end of the day  

Line Leader: This one is pretty self-explanatory. 

Caboose: They are the end of the line and make sure doors are shut after everyone is out of the room if needed.  

Teacher in Training: Teacher's helper. 

Energy Expert: Turn on and off lights.  

Marvelous Messenger: Take messages to the office, cafeteria, or whereever the teacher needs. 

Computer Caretaker: Make sure all laptops are plugged in or in cubbies  


We found this awesome list of 32 student jobs! 

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