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Creating Effective Classroom Rules

To run a classroom successfully, there must be rules in place. Rules lead to routine and routine leads to calm environments and growing minds!  

Many teachers suggest sticking to 4 or 5 official rules. Too many can get confusing for the kids.  

Here are10 rules that are suggested by Elementary School teachers:  

  1. Be on time at the beginning of the day and after lunch or recess breaks. 

  1. Come prepared with supplies and completed homework. 

  1. Be kind, polite, and courteous to others. 

  1. Keep your hands and feet to yourself. 

  1. Be respectful of classmates, teachers, and property. 

  1. Listen to the teacher and classmates and follow directions. 

  1. Work hard, and always do your best. 

  1. Be safe! 

  1. Raise your hand when you would like to speak in class or if you need to leave the classroom for any reason (e.g., going to the bathroom, visiting the nurse, etc.) 

  1. Obey all school rules. 


Click this link for a free PDF your students can use to create their own rules! 

Classroom Rules Worksheet