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Self-Care in Co-Parenting

Self-care as a parent is so important. It’s even more important when co-parenting. You need to always be in the right headspace when communicating with the other parent. Help yourself with these tips:  

  • If you feel grief for losing the relationship, or stress for having to split time with your child, talk to your friends, family, or a counselor. Never talk to your child about it. Write your feelings down, let them out so you aren’t holding it in.  

  • Don’t blame yourself or beat yourself up over the breakup.  

  • Create a routine. This allows you to feel in control.  

  • Take care of yourself. When you can, go do something for yourself. A massage, a pedicure, or shopping can be a nice pick me up.  

  • Be kind to yourself and give yourself grace. Everyone makes mistakes, including you, and that is okay. Learn from the mistakes of the situation and move on.