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Creating a Co-Parenting Plan

Creating a Co-Parenting Plan  

  • Know when and where the child will switch homes as well as when and where they will be picked up.  

  • Know what type of behavior is expected at both homes 

  • Always allow the child to text or call the other parent whenever they want to. Encouraging consistent communication between the child and both parents is important. A child should always have access to both parents.  

  • Make sure everyone is clear on childcare duties. For example, you may want to ensure you accept all responsibility for the child when they are with you such as taking the child to school or daycare, getting them to after school activities, etc.  

  • Following similar routines at each home helps a child adjust to each home easier. For example, homework at 5 pm, bedtime at 9 pm, and limits on screen time. Children thrive on routines and consistency. 

  • Agree on disciplinary actions and display a unified front when enforcing discipline. Especially for things such as typical household chores and curfews.  

Be flexible and prepared to adjust your parenting plan as the child gets older.