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Are you overwhelmed by the administrative tasks of running your daycare?

Running a daycare or childcare center is tough. You're constantly balancing the needs of children, parents, administration, and staff. Without the right tools, you risk getting buried in paperwork and documentation, falling behind on billing, not communicating effectively, and creating more stress than there has to be for everyone.

That's why we created LilyPad, your all-in-one solution to running your business with less stress. This way, you can focus on providing exceptional service and building a brighter future for the children in your care.

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The LILYPAD System comes with


Child Time Tracking


Parent Communication


Online Daily Sheets

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Parent Portal


Photo Uploads


Provider Calendar


Billing/Invoice System


Provider Portal

and more...

Meet the team

Hi! We're the people behind LilyPad.

We’ve been on both sides, helping as childcare providers and as working moms!

We created this tool because we know about the long days, the heartbreak, and the high levels of stress and burnout associated with this line of work. We saw how difficult it was to facilitate communication and pay bills with traditional systems, so we decided to do something about it.

In 2017, we launched LilyPad, an offshoot of our sister company, Easy Time Clock. Since then, we have listened to the needs of childcare providers all over the country to fine-tune a product that is user-friendly yet powerful.

When you work with us, you get real people who genuinely want to help you. We’ve been where you are! Our mission is to make childcare center management way less stressful and more rewarding. With our intuitive system and expert guidance, you can confidently navigate the challenges, save time, and provide exceptional care to the children in your childcare center.

Experience the LilyPad difference. Schedule a demo today.

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As a childcare center director, you understand the immense responsibility of shaping young minds while managing the complexities of daycare operations. LilyPad, our childcare management software, is here to transform how you run your center.

With our comprehensive suite of features, including sophisticated child time tracking, dynamic parent communication, and an efficient billing system, LilyPad empowers you to streamline administrative tasks like never before.

Experience the freedom to focus more on providing exceptional care and less on paperwork. Embrace the future of childcare management with LilyPad, where smart, simplified solutions elevate your center's success and impact.

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